Nitta Caruso Bel Canto Academy


"Nita Caruso has performed miracles in helping to recover my dramatic tenor singing voice in just over a year of patience, care and her expertise gained over many years of coaching singers with damaged throats and voices. Like many dramatic tenors I sang the baritone range for many years before singing the tenor part with the Sydney Philomonia Choirs. I have sung in choirs since the age of 9 years. As a school teacher I used my voice in class every day until one day, seven years ago, I found difficulty speaking and singing. Eventually I lost my voice completely and had to take leave from teaching for a period of almost six months and was unable to sing for more than twelve months. After 18 months of speech therapy to correct my speaking voice, I started singing again, but was told to sing in the baritone range. When I started lessons with Nita in mid 2007 I could only sing a few scales before my voice started to falter. At the end of each lesson I could not speak without losing my voice part way through a sentence. I thought the tenor range was a thing of the past. Nitta stated that mine was one of the more damaged voices she helped to recover. Now my tenor voice is re-emerging but more importantly I am learning how to sing the tenor range correctly using the Bel Canto style. I am certainly very grateful for the wonderful transformation that Nita has achieved in little over twelve months and although my full recovery will take more work, Nita promises me that I will eventually be able to sing a “good top B!” " - Peter Edwards, Sydney

"When I first contacted Nitta, I had just decided to make one last attempt at becoming a singer. I had been having major problems with my throat after many singing teachers and could not begin to sing one song without ending it with a sore throat. I had eventually given up, thinking that I must not have been meant to be a singer. Little did I know how damaged my throat was and confused about singing I had become! I’m grateful that Nitta was the first singing teacher I called. She was able to explain the voice to me and patiently coach me through the struggle of undoing the damage. It took approximately 5 years to break through and correct the bad habits I had developed/been taught. My voice now feels free and natural and, while I still have a lot of training to go through, I never would have believed that I could sing like I can now!" - Colleen Fitzgibbons

"When I started my singing lessons with Nitta I wasn't sure what I expected from them. I was singing in a rock band at the time and started noticing my voice disappearing after especially loud rehearsals... Nitta was able to pick up the fact that I was singing in the wrong range and possibly for a long period of time. I have been her loyal student for the last 3 years and the change in my voice is tremendous! I have never felt as free in vocal expression as I do now." - Lisa Fomin, Sydney

 Peter-John Layton


 Peter-John’s study of Bel Canto with Nitta and love of music has lead to roles in a range of musicals, oratorios and operas with companies such as Sutherland Shire Light Opera, the Oratorio, Opera & Theatre Company, Sydney University Graduate Choir and Rockdale Opera.


He has sung the roles of Dickon in The Secret Garden, Cain and Japheth in Stephen Schwartz’s Children of Eden, Obediah in Elijah, Rinuccio in Gianni Schicci, Harlequin in Pagliacci, Pinketon in Madama Butterfly and Borsa in Rigoletto.


Peter-John’s work with Rockdale Opera includes the roles of Count Panatellas in La Perichole, Laertes in Mignon, Colonel Fairfax in Yeomen of the Guard, Bartucci in Paganini, Uldino in Attila, Lieutenant, the Duke of Dunstable in Patience, Fenton in The Merry Wives of Windsor, Paris in La Belle Helene, Nanki Poo in The Mikado, Tarara in Utopia Limited and he is currently preparing for the role of Lord Allcash in Auber’s Fra Diavolo.

 Based in Sydney, Peter-John is available for a variety of functions and can be contacted at