Nitta Caruso Bel Canto Academy

Learn to sing Bel Canto...

Nitta's objective as a teacher is to culture and lead the voice to become clear, well-supported and beautiful. She trains people in skill, encourages them to seek AMEB exams and leads them to have a future in singing. No matter what style of music you prefer, whether you are a beginner, intermediate, advanced or professional singer, Nitta Caruso Bel Canto Academy guarantees great value to every vocalist.

Phone: 043 886 9132

1) Learn about your natural vocal range
2) Sing with clear tone
3) Gain power and projection
4) Breathe and create support
5) Create control and good pitch
6) Enhance your vocal ability and create quality sound
7) Uncover your personal style
8) Control your vibrato
9) Correct your singing posture
10) Develop or brush up on technique
11) Learn to sing in Italian, Latin, French and German
12) Learn Music Theory and Sight Reading to pass AMEB exams
13) Learn voice projection for public speaking and theatre
14) Learn piano (beginner to intermediate)